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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Happy Anniversary

     In 2015, the New Oxford Area Library branch of the Adams County Library System celebrates 32 years of service to the residents of the New Oxford Borough and surrounding municipalities. The Library has one full time Branch Manager and one part-time assistant.  The Library is open 36 hours per week with an average of 2300 patron visits.    
      Programs- Library users can participate in any of the 24 programs scheduled each month. The library programs include:  book discussions for adults, Fiber Art Fantasy- Knitting for Adults, computer classes, Toddler and Preschool Story times as well as reading aloud to KPETS Therapy Dogs. During summer months the library has a Summer Reading Club and special programs are scheduled to encourage reading during the summer break from school.  The Library also partners with area schools and childcare groups to provide library information, tours and special programs.
     Volunteers-Mary Ellen, a retired Reading Teacher, continues to read stories for the preschool classes visiting the Library weekly. She has been a library volunteer for over 8 years and we hope to have her reading for many years to come.  Casi, a KPETS Therapy Dog, visits the library with Maryanne and her other dog friends to have the kids read aloud to them. Our KPETS dogs have been coming to the library for over 4 years.  Always well received, our children are improving their reading skills and can enjoy petting the dogs.
     Endowments at the New Oxford Area Library-Endowments are gifts invested on behalf of the New Oxford Library. Each year, the income from the funds is used to purchase materials for the New Oxford Area Library. Book plates are placed on these items indicating the name of the fund used.  The library posts a list of titles purchased with these funds in the fall of each year. In 2015, over 50 books were purchased. The staff and patrons have made suggestions for titles for these materials.  The first endowments were created in 2000 for our library. The endowment In Memory of Clara Stock is used to purchase children’s books. Clara began working with the New Oxford  Borough and the Adams County Library System in 1982 to create the New Oxford Area Library. Clara was the first librarian and retired in 1994.  A second endowment, In Honor of the Friends of the New Oxford Area Library, was created that year. This fund also supports children’s materials. The endowment In Memory of Blanche Flaherty Smith was created in 2002. Ms. Smith was a longtime New Oxford Library patron.  In Honor of the Friends of the New Oxford Area Library Endowment Fund for General Books was established in 2008. Named Endowments are a meaningful way to honor a person or organization in perpetuity.  Donations to increase the funds can be made in any amount and at any time, to support the New Oxford Area Library.
     The Adams County Library System appreciated the opportunity to partner with the New Oxford Borough in order to provide library service to residents of the New Oxford community.

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